Guidelines for Corrugated Boxes & Packing


Boxes Should

  1. Be of minimum 5 ply having outer dimension 590 (L) x 340 (W) x 430 (H) mm, made from superior qua;ity kraft paper of 120 GSM & above. The dimensions can be 5mm less but should not exceed these limits under ny circumstances.
  2. Have meeting type flaps. the bigger flaps should be closed first and then the smaller one.
  3. Be sealed properly with BOPP Tape in such a way that the flap edges are not exposed.
  4. Not have gross weight more than 14.5kg.
  5. be uniformly packed with products upto the top level.
  6. Have your packing slip containing information such as company's name, product description, quantity, etc. Arrow should be marked to indicate which side to be kept up.

At AV Gamma Tech LLP, which is a tote box type design facility, material can be sent in various sizes of cartons, bags, drums, etc as per the customers requirement for processing.