Radiation Sensitive Indicators

Significance and Use

The purpose of using radiation sensitive indicators is to determine visually whether or not a product has been irradiated rather than to measure different dose level.

The indicators may be used to show that the products have been exposed to a radiation source. They should be used only to provide a qualitative indication of radiation exposure and may be used to distinguish process loads that have been irradiated from unirradiated process loads.

Limitation of Use

Radiation sensitive indicators do not have suitable characteristics for quantitative, accurate dose measurement. Therefore, indicators are not dosimeters, and shall not be used as a substitute for proper dosimetry. Exposure to environmental conditions such as heat, daylight, ultraviolet radiation, and gases produced by the irradiation process may cause undesirable changes to some of these indicator material. Thus, indicators may only be useful within the irradiation facility where environmental conditions can be controlled. The user should be aware of and follow any special handling and storage procedures that would minimize such efforts. Information about such potential environmental influences upon the indicator should be obtained from the manufacturer or from published data.