Documentation Procedure

Fill the Client Registration Form, Terms and Conditions duly signed and stamped by the Authorized Signatory as well as furnish an Undertaking on your letterhead as per the documents given in A V Processors' / AV Gamma Tech's format format.


Fill the Order Registration Form in and send with your goods.


After the goods are processed, we shall inform you about the charges so that payment can be made as per payment terms.


Invoice and Certificate of Processing shall be issued after dosimetry and satisfactory release of the lot.


Each box will have our printed label containing information such as - your company's name, serial no., receipt date, date of completion of the irradiation, ORN etc. This label will also have a Radiation Sensitive ( Yellow -> Red ) Indicator


The Order Registration No. which is a alpha-numeric no. is our Controlling Number which appears on all the documents of a particular batch/lot. (eg. H-540)