Terms and Conditions

Commercial Terms

  1. The processing charges mentioned on the Order Registration Form are provisional. Exact charges will be as per Invoice raised subsequently.
  2. The expected date of delivery mentioned on the ORF is to be confirmed before sending vehicle for collection of processed box/ packs.
  3. The payment of the Invoice amount must be made on immediate basis and at the time of collection of material in full by account payee cheque/demand draft/RTGS/NEFT in favour of A V PROCESSORS PVT LTD (AVPPL) / AV GAMMA TECH LLP (AVGTLLP) payable at Mumbai. Part payment will not be accepted. Bank Charges will be to client’s account.
  4. The cheque/DD should be sent to our factory/Office address by courier immediately
  5. AVPPL/ AVGTLLP is not responsible for any loss due to shortage/damage of products. Clients are advised to take comprehensive insurance of the goods while they are in transit or in our custody. Goods are stored at clients’ risk. In case of any claims arising out of products irradiated by AVPPL/ AVGTLLP, AVPPL/ AVGTLLP’s liability, if any, will in no case exceed the processing charges of that particular order. No claim will be entertained after 6 months from the date of certificate.
  6. Freight cost (both to and fro) will have to be borne by the client.
  7. Clients should affix their label on the box/ packs with information such as their name, product’s name etc.
  8. AVPPL/ AVGTLLP reserves the right to refuse to accept any product which in its opinion can’t be processed.
  9. Products shall be packed in corrugated box/ packs having outer dimensions 59(L) x 34(W) x 43(H) cm, or any other dimension of drums/ bags, etc. after confirmation of AVPPL/ AVGTLLP. These dimensions should not be exceeded under any circumstances. The gross weight shall be confirmed in writing by AVPPL/ AVGTLLP. The products should be packed in such a way that they are filled till the top and there is no empty space inside. The packed box/ packs should not be bulgy.
  10. In case any box/ packs is received in damaged condition, we shall inform and replace the box/ packs and charge for the same in our Invoice.
  11. In case the box/ packs are recycled, all old packing slips must be removed before affixing new one. GST and other taxes as applicable on the date of Invoice will be charged. In case of order cancellation by client for any reason, 10/- per box/ packs will be charged. TDS if applicable should be deducted as applicable to Contractors (Section 194C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  12. In case of any dispute, the decision of AVPPL/ AVGTLLP will be final and binding.
  13. In case of fragile/sensitive products, clients must make bold disclosure on the package/box/ packs as well as on their documents.
  14. AVPPL/ AVGTLLP is not liable for delays in delivery of material due to circumstances beyond its control.
  15. AVPPL/ AVGTLLP may put lots on hold if past payments are pending.
  16. The supply of goods is bound by these terms and conditions only in addition to the quality related terms and not by any other agreement, etc. This supersedes all other and/or past terms & conditions, agreements, etc.

Quality Related Terms

  1. AVPPL/ AVGTLLP does not extend any assurance about sterility of processed products or decontamination of food products or ultimate fulfillment of purpose of the Gamma Radiation Process. AVPPL/ AVGTLLP does not claim products processed at its facility are sterile.
  2. AVPPL/ AVGTLLP is not responsible for the change in properties of the irradiated material. Suitability of the product (including its physical and chemical properties), the packaging material selection and the dose to be given to the product shall be ascertained by the client before sending for processing. AVPPL/ AVGTLLP is not liable for any sterility failures/ product recallts, etc. Gamma radiation is only an aid to sterility/ bioburden reduction/ microbial control, etc.
  3. AVPPL/ AVGTLLP reserves the right to open any box/ packs for verification of the contents, to remove samples or to place Dosimeters for testing purpose. Such box/ packs will be resealed. A label will be affixed mentioning the quantity removed if any.
  4. No Microbiological test strips shall be put in the box/ packs without AVPPL/ AVGTLLP’s prior written approval.
  5. Client shall not keep any dosimeters or Biological Indicators without informing AVPPL/ AVGTLLP.
  6. Client shall not keep any radiation sensitive indicators in a strip or roll form under any circumstances. If they are found during checking it will be confiscated and suitable action may be taken for future supplies.
  7. The product box/ packs sent by the client shall be stored in our premises on pallets. Clients are requested to note that AVPPL/ AVGTLLP does not have facility to store the products under controlled temperature condition.
  8. Client shall ensure that box/ packs sent are in good condition and with proper taping and labelling. Lots without duly filled AVPPL/ AVGTLLP’s Order Registration Form (Part A), will not be taken up for registration and subsequent processing.
  9. Clients having Loan Licence materials must specify correct details on AVPPL/ AVGTLLP’s Order Registration Form (Part A) namely Address of Manufacture, Product description, Licence No., Validity, as per their loan licence only. AVPPL/ AVGTLLP shall not be liable for clients failing to obtain required licences for manufacture of their products.
  10. All Clients shall fill in correct details in AVPPL/ AVGTLLP Order Registration Form (Part A) as applicable to them. Lots would be put on hold if order registration form details are incorrectly filled in or partly filled in. Kindly note that the product details as mentioned on the Order Registration Form will be replicated on our certificate and invoice and no change will be done once lot is dispatched.
  11. The supply of goods is bound by these terms and conditions in addition to the Commercial Related Terms and not by any other agreement, etc. This supersedes all other and/or past terms & conditions, agreements, etc.